• V Phonosuper radiogram
  • IS-6007-0004

Phonosuper radiogram








W: 290mm H: 245mm D: 585mm

Revolutionary in its appearance, the SK55 Phonosuper epitomised Braun’s efforts to transform and differentiate the image of the company and its products from manufacturers of dowdy brown timber-cased radios with cloth grilles.

The Phonosuper was a direct descendent of the SK4 radiogram, released seven years earlier and also designed by Gugelot and Rams. With its clear acrylic lid and white-lacquered sheet metal body, the design defied existing notions of what a gramophone should look like. Nicknamed ‘Snow White’s coffin’ by its detractors, it was embraced by consumers and firmly established Braun’s reputation in contemporary design.

A German designer of Dutch descent, Hans Gugelot (1920 – 65) was an influential lecturer at the Ulm School of Design from 1954 until his death in 1965. He is best known for his modular office furniture designs and his appliances for Braun.

Hans Gugelot

Hans Gugelot

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