• RR 126 stereo radiogram

RR 126 stereo radiogram








W: 1240mm H: 750mm D: 365mm

The Brionvega RR126 was nicknamed the Musical Pet because of its zoomorphic features – the symmetrical arrangement of the dials and controls, the pedestal legs with castors and speakers hung on the sides like ears.

The Castiglioni brothers, Achille and Pier, believed the redesign of an existing product required investigation of the available technologies and materials followed by the identification of a Principal Design Component (PDC). The PDC could be anything from new technology to changing behaviour. This led them to radically rethink all the products that they were commissioned to design, often restructuring an object’s function, form and production process.

Brionvega was one of many Italian manufacturers of domestic consumer goods that encouraged flamboyance in product design, without deviating too far from function. The company worked with outstanding Italian industrial designers, among them Marco Zanuso, Richard Sapper, Mario Bellini and Ettore Sottsass.

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