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Studio display







W: 432mm H: 475mm D: 442mm

The 17 inch (432mm) Studio display was one of the largest and heaviest displays to come from Apple and was the last stand-alone cathode ray tube (CRT) display manufactured by the company. Weighing around five times as much as its flat screen peers and using twice as much power, it was not popular and was deleted from Apple’s inventory within a year of release.

Despite these shortcomings it presents a pleasing form. The elegant converging lines visually diminish its vast physical volume and the clear acrylic case reveals all the internal components.

The clear casing, also applied to Apple audio, keyboard and mouse accessories at this time, offers the last glimpse into the mechanism of a CRT. Ive took great care in the arrangement of the internal components. The mechanism floats clear of the housing within the cavity of the case.

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