• Smartphone, iPhone 2G (1st generation)
  • Smartphone, iPhone 2G (1st generation)
  • Smartphone, iPhone 2G (1st generation), side view

iPhone 2G (1st generation)








W: 61mm H: 115mm D: 11.6mm


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The first iPhone was introduced to the North American market in June 2007 amid much hype. It was the result of a two-year collaboration between Apple and AT&T.

Apple is generally guarded about product development and strategies, however, the development of the iPhone was likely prompted by the displacement and decline of the iPod. Other manufacturers had introduced the functionality of a portable media player to their mobile phones in the years following the introduction of the iPod (2001). Apple adapted the technological developments of a touch screen to the production of a smart phone device, a move that would accelerate the redundancy of the iPod but replace it with a versatile Apple mobile product.

The iPhone has been an enormously successful product in both sales volume and recognition of its innovation. In particular, the iPhone touch screen, replacing a physical keypad with a small display, offered a greater viewable surface.

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