• Field radio device (E 143a)

Field radio device (E 143a)







W: 370mm H: 250mm D: 128mm


This field radio was designed and manufactured by German company Telefunken in 1918. It is part of a larger field set used by the German military towards the end of World War I. Although this early radio was used by those trained in its intricacies it had strong visual elements to guide them.

One of its most striking design elements is the early use of plastic in the dials arrayed across the face of the machine. The controls and switches are distinguished by various markings and shapes which cue the user as to their parameter, purpose and range of operation. When compared to English or French radio design from the same period, this consideration of the user demonstrates Telefunken’s superior ‘human factor’ engineering. The prowess of Telefunken’s physicists also quickly led the German company to the forefront of radio developments.

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