• MC 24 Divisumma calculator
  • IS-4652-0011
  • MC 24 Divisumma calculator

MC 24 Divisumma calculator








W: 240mm H: 260mm D: 420mm

The MC24 was the first calculator to employ a mode of use analogous to calculators as we know them today – with numbers and functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide) entered in sequence (3 + 4). This aspect of its operation alone made it simpler and more convenient than calculators employing non-sequential operation such as reverse Polish notation (3, 4, +).

In its mechanical engineering Olivetti used superior mounts, lubricants and metals machined within high tolerances to ensure quiet, reliable and long-life operation. An automatic electric calculating machine with integrated printing and register memory, the MC-24 remained in production for about 15 years. Over 1.5 million were produced in this period.

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